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Tonja Steele by Joey Hetzel
Tonja Steele by Joey Hetzel
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A happy, friendly comic about the wholesome goodness that comes from a single adoptive mom raising her 8-year-old demon child primarily at a local bar, surrounded by mom's socially retarded friends. Hella funny (except when it's not); wee bit un-PC.  Oh, and Cher. Lots of Cher.

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Jackie's Fridge by BJ Hiorns
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A serialized comic with moments of funny involving a neurotic redhead, her talking refrigerator and the folks who live in her apartment building. Runs in story arcs with fits of gag strips sometimes.

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Catball & Clown Girl by Joey & BJ
Updates rarely

A scratchy, nasty comic about a cat with no feet and the psychotic, homicidal happy factory it calls "Clown Girl". There is no story and even less sense...but plenty of raw, unbridled hate. Drawn on whatever's handy with whatever makes a mark.

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JoBeth! by BJ Hiorns and Joey Hetzel
JoBeth! Archives by BJ Hiorns & Joey Hetzel
No longer updates.

A single-panel gag strip (now defunct) that dealt with the issues arising when cheerleaders don't have two neurons to rub together. Dumb blonde joke after dumb blonde joke, it ended when the title character escaped her comic and entered the real world. You can find her by scrolling down a little more.

Featured Comic: The Nolans, by Josh Nickerson!
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You know this family. You may live next to this family. Wait--this is YOUR family! AIGH! Alternating brief stories with gag strips (and more often combining the two), The Nolans will prove to you exactly how funny life can get and why it's important to laugh...

...ideally, at other people.

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Magical Schoolgirl Tentacle Fiends by Joey Hetzel & BJ Hiorns

Um...we don't have this comic up yet. But you can look at the empty page if you like.


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Sunday , August 18 , 2002


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JoBeth News!

Well, everyone's favorite blonde joke is still missing in action, and it's pretty tough to find someone who doesn't even realize she doesn't want to be found. Joey and I are still looking, and as soon as we find her, we'll try to get her back into her comic...by any means necessary.

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